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Tostabar Genius K1

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The quality of artisanal roasting for an exclusive taste. In a few minutes you can roast by yourself in your laboratory from 0.8

to 3.5 kg for cycle of raw uncooked coffee selected by you to obtain your exclusive coffee, always fresh, with an intense aroma and a special taste, in an automatic and continuous way with only 3,5 Kw of electric current and without the use of gas.

In 2002 Angelo and Fernando Napoli gave life to the best machines in the world for a micro roastery. The production of coffee roasting machines has always been their core business. Over the years they have invested in the growth and development of modern and efficient production facilities, developing numerous patents to make the technologies used competitive and advanced. Further investment goes to research and selection of green beans. They import and blend fine green coffee. The factory have an analysis lab and a dedicated QC team. All of this because they believe that only by taking into account the whole process from raw materials to finished product can they guarantee excellent equipment to coffee artisans all over the world.

Tostabar Genius K1 is the only machine in the world able to realize a perfect, completely automatic and constant coffee roasting.

It does not require the intervention of an operator.

All this with the minimum electrical use. Tostabar Genius K1 is powered by electricity, needs only 3.5 kW and does not use gas.



Tostabar Genius K1 is equipped with a patented electronic control system, which allows the elimination of thermal inertia®, automatically adjusting the amount of heat required to roast the coffee following a perfect and constant cooking profile.



Tostabar Genius K1 allows roasting without interruption: at the end of a roasting process, a new cooking cycle can be started without any interval.



Tostabar Genius K1 is completely automatic: the roasted coffee is drained and cooled at the end of the cycle in the special collection box, without the need for operator intervention. The films that cover the raw coffee beans are collected in a special drawer that can be emptied once the cycle has been completed.

All these features make Tostabar Genius K1, unequivocally, the coffee roaster ideal for bars and bakery shop!



Capacity: 1.2Kg per cycle
Time: 14-20 minutes
Touch screen panel for setting up different roasting profiles
PRO vision: connectable to Windows and Mac
Power: 3.5KW – 220W – 16amp UK plug
Weight: 110Kg

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